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5-3-5 Exercise: Working with music

Listen to four or five very different pieces of instrumental music.  Each piece should different in mood, instrumentation and style.  Select music that is sustained and listen once perhaps making some notes.  Now… Continue reading

5-3-4 Exercise: Free expression

In this exercise you are asked to draw on subconscious thoughts, memories and associations. You may wish to include objects, but try to ensure that in some of your experiments there is no… Continue reading

5-3-3 Exercise: Magnification

You can find abstraction through observation is to draw or paint your scene or subject and then to isolate an area of it that interests you. You can then look at your study… Continue reading

5-3-2 Exercise: Themed collage and painting

Choose images (photographs and studies) that you don’t mind tearing up. Cut or tear out parts of them which you think are most characteristic of the place as you remember it.  Some fragments… Continue reading

5-3-1 Exercise: Collage made from random elements

Research: Find one or two Cubist paper collages and assess their effects with some brief notes in your learning log.  Widen your research into collage and painting. Look for at least two other… Continue reading