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5-2-5 Research Point : Compare pure watercolour and mixed media

Make comparative notes on the differences between pure watercolour and mixed media. OCA Course book . . . …… Watercolour can be used in many ways and in combination with different media. However,… Continue reading

5-2-4 Exercise: Using resists experimentally

Try out a few experiments in your sketchbook or on a spare piece of paper.  Choose any subject, use A3 or larger sheets of watercolour paper placed over newspaper (to avoid mess). Have… Continue reading

5-2-3 Exercise: Mixed media on coloured and white paper

Make four small studies in your sketchbook in any medium you like of a scene or collection of objects.  Make at least two studies on pages that you have coloured.  Then make two… Continue reading

5-2-2 Research Point : Moore’s – Sleepers and John Marin’s The Singer Building

Look for other examples of mixed media pictures such as Henry Moore’s Pink and Green Sleepers (shown page 35 course book / notes) which uses wax resist and John Marin’s The Singer Building… Continue reading

5-2-1 Exercise: Exploring one subject in a variety of ways

Now make at least four paintings in which you introduce a new medium or combination of media with each study. For example: Pen and watercolour Pen, crayon and watercolour Crayon, watercolour and oil… Continue reading