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5-1-3 Exercise: Painting a landscape on coloured paper

Go to one of your familiar landscape settings, use an A4 or smaller watercolour pad.  Before you go colour wash (mid-toned colours) two or three sheets from your pad and dry.  You will… Continue reading

5-1-2 Exercise: Drawing on a coloured ground

You will need a range of watercolours and any drawing media such as pencil, conte crayon, or charcoal, plus opaque media such as pale or white gouache, oil pastel or acrylic paint. Find… Continue reading

5-1-1 Exercise: Tonal studies made on a coloured ground

Tone paper each sheet a different mid-toned colour such as green, brown or red.  Avoid very pale colours like yellow and very dark colours such as burnt umber or black. Subject : need… Continue reading