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4-5-4 Exercise: Human figure in the landscape

You could : make a separate study of a group or individual then place this group into a landscape that you work on in situ or that you have created from various sources… Continue reading

4-5-3 Exercise: Animals in the landscape

Visit an area where you know that there are sheep, cattle or horses and, working in a sketch pad, make lots of studies of them in pencil. Shade with pencil or use a… Continue reading

4-5-2 Exercise: Painting rocks

You will need an A3 or A4 watercolour pad and sketchpad also your drawing and painting media. Find a location to sit undisturbed where you can work out an interesting and dynamic composition.… Continue reading

4-5-1 Exercise: Painting trees

Exercise: Painting trees Work on two contrasting paintings that feature trees. If you do both paintings on the same day, notice exactly where the light has shifted to while you have been working.… Continue reading