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4-3-4 Exercise: Sky dominated landscape

When you have completed these exercises make detailed notes on what you have learned in your learning log. This series of paintings are a mixture of studies done from direct observation, from photos… Continue reading

4-3-3 Exercise: Different kinds of clouds

Read up some more on clouds and weather and make lots of trips outside making notes about what you see. Consider the best approach to painting different kinds of cloud formations.  Make studies… Continue reading

4-3-2 Exercise: Tonally graded wash and simple clouds

Observing the sky paint simple washes to depict the sky and clouds.  Practice these tonal studies and aim for accuracy, holding your dry painting up to the sky to check the colour and… Continue reading

4-3-1 Research Point : Artists investigations into perception of natural world

Research artists like Turner and Constable who made very different but equally groundbreaking investigations into the nature of our perception of the natural world.… Continue reading