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4-2-4 Research Point : watercolour urban landscapes or cityscapes

A. Look at watercolours by different artists and consider what each artist has represented in their painting. B. Look at artists from the eighteenth century onwards who have used watercolour to represent cityscapes… Continue reading

4-2-3 Exercise: Aerial perspective in rural landscape

Aerial perspective is easier to see in a rural setting and simpler to convey as the softer profiles of hills or gentle undulations present tonal layers in a more straight forward way than… Continue reading

4-2-2 Exercise: Aerial perspective urban landscape – painting

Choose your subject and made your sketches and studies.  Then begin your painting, work on a large scale. When finished, assess your painting for progress and compare this to your first study in… Continue reading

4-2-1 Exercise: Aerial perspective in an urban landscape – drawings

Find an interesting view in a built up area and look carefully at how the foreground appears different from the middle and far distance. You may need to get a view from an… Continue reading