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3.3.4 Exercise: Photographs for source material

Take several photos of your chosen scene. Stick fairly closely to the same viewpoint. Try photographing the same scene under different conditions weather. Take your time and note changes happening and record them… Continue reading

3.3.3 Exercise: Preparatory sketches

Find a location that interests you and make a series of quick small studies (at least four) in your sketchbook.  Establish the major colour and tonal relationships as they affect the composition.  Select… Continue reading

3.3.2 Exercise: Painting on the spot

Return to the location where you took your photograph equipped to paint outdoors, go at a similar time of day to when you took your photograph.  Paint one or two landscape studies in… Continue reading

3.3.1 Exercise: Painting from a photograph

Take two or three photographs of a landscape that you will be able to return to and paint later on. Note of the date, time of day, the position of the sun and… Continue reading

3.3.0 Written piece : Copying Photos

The sophisticated exploitation of photographic images for a specific artistic goal or the use of photography as an additional resource to direct observation are a rather different matter from the practice of copying… Continue reading