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2.4.5 Research : artists’ approach to domestic subjects

Look at artists’ approach to domestic subjects and their many and varied approaches to the still life. I have selected a few paintings by artists on still life or domestic subjects.  These show… Continue reading

2.4.4 Research : Different approaches to colour theory & painting

Choose two painters whose work in any medium you really like and respond to, but who use colour in different ways. Below is an extract of some of the detail noted with the… Continue reading

2.4.3 Exercise: Warm and cold colours

For this exercise use postcard-sized pieces of watercolour paper – paint little pictures using just a few colours and very little detail. Set up subjects which juxtapose warm and cold colours. 5 minutes… Continue reading

2.4.2 Exercise: Working with greys and browns

Exercise brief: Collect objects for a still life that are white, grey or mid-pale brown.  Don’t forget to take the colours of the background and floor or table surface into account; they need… Continue reading

2.4.1 Exercise: Still life with colourful objects

Paint a colourful a still life.  Try to include two different colour ideas: Find some objects with complementary colours – a green box and red apples, a violet cloth or ceramic and some… Continue reading