Category Archive: 2.3. Project: Tone and composition

2.3.4 Research: Interiors

Look at paintings of interiors such as the work of the Dutch masters, Vermeer and Van Dyck, also look at Whistler’s interiors. Vermeer I have selected some paintings of interiors I like.  In… Continue reading

2.3.3 Exercise: Imaginary Rooms

Still using the wet-on-dry technique paint three imaginary rooms, aim to create a powerful atmospheric composition.  Imagine a room empty except for one or two large pieces of furniture in daytime and then… Continue reading

2.3.2 Exercise: Dramatic interiors

Using a room in your house choose a view through a doorway into a room or space which has a different level of light, either brighter or darker.  Start with a simple line… Continue reading

2.3.1 Exercise: Composition of an interior

Choose a view of an interior that has a large area of middle tone, a dark area and a very light area.  Sketch in the outlines of the main tonal areas. Lightly add… Continue reading