Category Archive: 1.4. Project: Making marks in different ways

1.4.4 Research: examples of different techniques used by a variety of artists

Visit galleries and the internet to look at different techniques and styles from a range of periods and different artists. I found the following web site on the internet whilst researching watercolour techniques. … Continue reading

1.4.3 Exercise: Other tools for watercolour

Includes a series of exercises under the following headings. 1 Blotting and wiping :Lifting off pigment 2 Clingfilm : Using crumpled Clingfilm to generate abstract colours and shapes 3 Salt Crystals : Using… Continue reading

1.4.2 Exercise: Using various brushes

Similar to the previous exercise. – this time include blotting off the semi-dry pigment and compare it to where the pigment has been allowed to dry. large household DIY brush Again this exercise… Continue reading

1.4.1 Exercise: Unusual brush marks

Different size Using non-watercolour brushes make a variety of marks on different types of paper and shapes of brushes make different marks and sometimes even the most rough brushes can produce marks of… Continue reading

1.4.0 RESEARCH : Compare Constable and Ravilious

 Old Sarum – John Constable;. Compare with (New Year Snow, 1935 – Eric Ravilious. Identify the different brush techniques used by Ravilious his brush mark. Earth Sky – John Nash;  Comment on a… Continue reading