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1.3.3 Exercises: Techniques

The series of resist exercises continues with another series of exercises in three areas. Plain areas Using masking fluid as the resist reserve some shapes to depict simple objects.  Over paint and remove… Continue reading

1.3.2 Exercise: Lines with wax

Building on the previous series of exercises the wax resist is used to ‘draw’ an object such as a winter tree.  The paper is then painted to derive a scene.  Progress this initial… Continue reading

1.3.1 Exercises: Wax – Reserved shapes from resists

Plain areas with wax painted. The first set of exercises call for plain areas of wax to be laid down and the later set of exercises introduce patterned areas of wax. Patterns with… Continue reading

1.3.0 RESEARCH : The Marl Pit – John Sell Cotman

Shapes created by the surrounding colour or tone. The Marl Pit, John Sell Cotman Detail of painting above shown below. I have searched and found a few more examples of where a lighter… Continue reading