Category Archive: 1.1 Mixing and applying watercolour

Delacroix Moroccan Sketchbooks

French artist Eugene Delacroix is typically associated with the Romantic school of painting in the early 19th century. In my mind he exemplifies the skill of an artist – his expressive and sinuous… Continue reading

1.1.4 Exercise: Fish and leaves

This exercise introduces some fundamental techniques in watercolour painting; creating simple shapes; washing off; layering tones; and simple washes. Above is an image that illustrates the initial parts of this exercise.  There are… Continue reading

1.1.3 Exercise: Random marks

In this exercise random marks are made and the tonal and colour variation is assessed. In this exercise you can let loose your inner Pollock.  In the first of these large sized exercises… Continue reading

1.1.2 Exercise: Fading tones

More exercises in brush and colour / tine control.  In this exercise a succession of marks are made gradually diluting the paint.  The exercise is repeated with a different contrasting colour.  Note the… Continue reading

1.1.1 Exercise: Loading the brush

This exercise is about the mixing of the colour and the amount of paint to apply with the brush to achieve an even effect. These are two important skills in watercolour painting to… Continue reading