Exhibition Visit – Aberystwyth, Wales. Aug 16

Aberystwyth, Wales

Ceredigion Art Trail; Aberystwyth, The Old College


The Ceredigion Art Trail 2016 has over 90 artists and groups taking part from 30th July to 29th August. This Art Trial involves many of the artists opening their studios to visitors allowing the opportunity for visitors to see the artists at work, speak to them and learn at first-hand about how they go about their art, allowing you to buy directly from the artist.

The Art Trial is split into two regions, North and South Regions, my holiday coincided with the period of the North of the region.  Due to my limited mobility I only had the opportunity to view the paintings on display at Aberystwyth Old College and to visit the Aberystwyth Arts Centre based on the university campus.


Old College Aberystwyth

The Old College had a wide and varied mix of paintings and artwork.  Not all ‘good’ but I have noted below some of pieces and artists that caught my eye.


Averil Rees – North Beach, Aberystwyth-Stormy Weather


art-trial-jdJulie Davis           http://www.juliedavisartuk.com/portraits.html

My eye was drawn to the texturing and use of dry brush work.  These portraits capture the essence of the sitter in a format between drawing and painting.  The face is fully developed but the surrounding features of head and body are only hinted at leaving an unfinished look to the work, though I like the point where the works have stoped and more development of it would probably have over-worked it.







jd-7856597_orig jd-513

jd-516 jd-517

art-trial-psPenny Samociuk

The bright colours and observation of detail was what caught me with these works.  Aberystwyth can be a grey overpowering mass of buildings, cloud and hills on a ‘dull’ day but here the bright colours cannot fail to bring to mind the happier, brighter days of summer.  Warm colours warm mood, warm days.







penny-samociuk-161 penny-samociuk-158


art-trial-slSue Lee

The bright colours and the naïve use of perspective and proportion call to mind the works of Alfred Wallis.  But these works are in effect more simple lacking the detail that the retired boatman Wallis included in his works.  This elimination of detail however, only increases the impact of the simple colour line drawings / sketches.







sl-3 sl-1 sl-2


Aberystwyth Arts Centre – Exhibition Space

Inside Out: From Vegas to Wales

This is the latest exhibition in a series of joint exhibitions between Ruth Thomas and Linda Alterwitz.  Set at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Websites accessed 2nd Sept’16




A strangely compelling mix of work from these two collaborating artists.

Linda Alterwitz

Alterwitz’s inspiration, the inner workings of the human body and her external surrounding environment, plays with the dance of the two sides of the brain as well as the contradiction of fear and reassurance. Past personal struggles with medical issues were tempered by fond, childhood memories of playing in the sand dunes and forests of Gary, Indiana where Alterwitz grew up. It is this dichotomy that gives her work a comforting sense of familiarity while simultaneously creating tension.



 From series In-Sight 2012, by Linda Alterwitz


Untitled #30  


 Untitled 47


Ruth Thomas

Focuses on the hidden or little things in our lives and environment and realises them as prints.  Her subject matter is often based on nature and found objects such as feathers, seeds, leaves, etc. are eternalised as collagraphs.


‘Always the Sound of Wind’ by Ruth Thomas, 2016


Concentration: Cloud, Monoprint, 2013, 56 x 76cm, Ruth Thomas