3.2.6 Exercise: Building a picture

This exercise will involve a degree of planning and preparation for a painting that could be completed outside or at home.  In this exercise look for a landscape which interests you and includes a few elements such as buildings, a distance landscape beyond, trees, a field, a road, path or track. Once you have decided on your subject you should begin a series of sketches.  Your finished sketch will contain a great deal of information.  Once you have completed this sketch make some quicker, simpler sketches of the surroundings for the building(s).

Now make a list of the first things you noticed in the order you noticed them.  When you have decided on your palette make a small colour chart of the mixtures you can make to remind you of the possibilities and recipes.

This will be the drawing you will work from when you start your painting in the next exercise, 3-2-7.

 Castle Gate-House

Castle Gate-House




These drawings are preliminary studies for the paintings in the next exercise.

The first things I notice about the building and its surroundings are:

Angles, counterpoint of light stone against darker background.

The clean straight lines of the castle gatehouse compared to the curved and tumbling nature of the trees and background foliage.


In the second picture the first elements to come to notice are the man-made structure in a wild confusion of trees and natural landscape.  the church on the left and the Oast houses on the right side are the initial elements that come to the notice of the viewer.

The natural versus the man-made.  The unruly confusion of greens and shapes contrasts with the two [paintings are the elements that spring to mind when these images are first looked at.

The church and fields with the oast house also have a pull point with the bright near white of the oast house cowls.  Another feature is the patterned ploughed fields in the front of the view.

The colour relationships in the second image have a few instances of muted brick red to enhance the colours of the various greens.